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Who is this for?

This consultation is for you if:

• You have a business already
generating profit and want to grow to
the next stage
• You have at least 12 Google reviews at a
rate higher than 4.0 stars overall
• You want to build a digital asset that will
generate leads for you organically
• You want to show up in the top 3 search
results on Google maps
• You want to expand in the future and
open up more locations

This consultation is not for you if:

• You are currently generating revenue but are not yet profitable
• Your reviews on Google need improvement and have an overall rating below 3.0
• You are not looking to grow your revenue at this moment
• You are already ranking #1st on Google map for most of your target area
• You are interested in quick growth over long-term growth

Here’s what you will get on your consultation call:

1-hour private Q&A consultation call with our team where we will analyze your business and point out potential issues holding you back
[Valued at $500]

A personalized strategy that you can apply the same day and get long-term results from Google
[Valued at $300]

A checklist of optimizations that can help you optimize your business to rank higher on Google
[Valued at $200]

List of changes you can make on your website or Google My Business account to increase your conversion
[Valued at $200]

Total Value: $1300 100% OFF

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